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BuildableDocumentLinkContentBaseTConfiguration Class

Base implementation for a document which can be shown for signing by a hyperlink in the client application and with supporting build content for signing from document.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.Content
Assembly:  ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server (in ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.dll) Version: 2.5.0
public abstract class BuildableDocumentLinkContentBase<TConfiguration> : DocumentLinkContent, 
	IContentBuilder<TConfiguration>, IContentBuilder
where TConfiguration : IContentBuilderConfiguration

Type Parameters

Type of configuration class

The BuildableDocumentLinkContentBaseTConfiguration type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplicationContentId
Unique ID generated by hosting application identified content in hosting application (for example ID of document).
(Inherited from ContentBase.)
Public propertyConfiguration
Configuration for signing document
Public propertyContent
Content for signing, for example, text, byte array, ...
(Inherited from ContentBaseT.)
Public propertyDocument
Description and full binary content of document for signing.
(Inherited from DocumentLinkContent.)
Public propertyHasContent
Only for internal use.
(Inherited from ContentBaseT.)
Protected propertyHasLazyContent
Only for internal use.
(Inherited from ContentBase.)
Public propertyIsLink
Always return .
(Inherited from DocumentLinkContent.)
Public propertyNeedResetLazyContent
Only for internal use.
(Inherited from ContentBase.)
Public propertySignatureType
Signature type (Data or Hash).
(Inherited from ContentBase.)
Public propertySignedDocumentData Obsolete.
Binary data of final signed document.
Public propertyTitle
Content title for display in client window for selecting a certificate
(Inherited from BinaryContent.)
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