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PdfSignerLinkContentBuilderConfiguration Properties

The PdfSignerLinkContentBuilderConfiguration type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdesLevel
PAdES/XAdES/CAdES level for signature.
(Inherited from DocumentSignerLinkContentBuilderConfiguration.)
Public propertyCanRepairPdf
If PDF has not yet been signed, then can allow edit PDF for signature compliance if need.
Public propertySignatureAppearance
Definition for visual signature.
Public propertySignatureBufferKbSize
Size of basic buffer in PDF for signature content without size for TSA and OCSP. Default is 8 kB.
Public propertySignatureHashAlgorithm
Hash algorithm for compute digest of document.
(Inherited from DocumentSignerLinkContentBuilderConfiguration.)
Public propertySignatureInfo
Basic information for new signature.
Public propertyTSAName
The configured TSA name used for the signature timestamp. If not specified, then timestamp will not be inserted.
(Inherited from DocumentSignerLinkContentBuilderConfiguration.)
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