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ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.Cache Namespace

Store signature session in cache.
Public classBase64StreamHelper
Helper for convert large streamed data from and to base64 string.
Public classCacheItem
Cache item for store SignatureSession in cache implemented by CachePersistorBase.
Public classCacheItemT
Cache item for store in cache.
Public classCachePersistorBase
Base class for implementation store of SignatureSession in cache.
Public classClusterFileCachePersistor
Store of SignatureSession in file system synchronized by file system in cluster (Web Farm).
Public classFileCachePersistor
Store of SignatureSession in file system.
Public classFileCachePersistorCleaner
Helper class for cleaning file type cache.
Public classMemoryCachePersistor
Store of SignatureSession in memory.
Public classSecureDocumentPersistor
Base class for implementation IDocumentPersistor with secure stored document by encryption.
Public classSerializedCachePersistorBase
Base class for implementation store of SignatureSession in external cache that require serialization of signature session data.
Public interfaceICacheSynchronizer
Interface for implementation of notification and synchronization changes SignatureSession items in the cache.
Public interfaceIDocumentPersistor
Interface for implementation persisting of documents in Signature Context during signing process.
Public enumerationCachLockType
Enumeration of lock type for access SignatureSession in CachePersistorBase.