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Add libraries references to server project

In your ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core web application add references and content by one of this possible distributions.

Variant A - NuGet package ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server

It is recomended variant. Use ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.[version].nupkg file from distribution. Package not distributed by public NuGet server, you must use own local NuGet package source in Visual Studio - menu Tools / NuGet Package Manager / Package Manager Settings / Package Sources.

Variant B - Direct link to assembly ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.dll and its dependencies

It is alternative variant. Use ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.[version].zip file from distribution. In ZIP file are two folders:

  • ASDWebSigner
    In root of your web application (project) create folder ASDWebSigner and copy content of distributed folder to it. This folder contains packages for downloading and installing component to client computer.

  • bin
    Select platform specific folder according by your application (for example net45) and copy all DLLs to your project folder where you have all referenced external assemblies. In your web application (project) add reference to ASDSoft.WebSigner.dll and ASDSoft.WebSigner.Server.dll assemblies.

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