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FileCachePersistor Methods

The FileCachePersistor type exposes the following members.

Public methodDelete
Remove signature session from cache.
(Inherited from CachePersistorBase.)
Protected methodDeleteInternal
Delete signature session file from folder.
(Overrides CachePersistorBaseDeleteInternal(String).)
Protected methodGetExpiredSessionsId
Get all expired files in a folder for cleaning folder.
(Overrides CachePersistorBaseGetExpiredSessionsId.)
Protected methodGetFileInfo
Construct path for signature session file.
Public methodLoad
Load and deserialize signature session from external cache.
(Inherited from SerializedCachePersistorBase.)
Public methodLoadProgress
Load progress of signatures saving from file.
(Overrides CachePersistorBaseLoadProgress(String).)
Protected methodLoadSerialized
Load the serialized signature session from file.
(Overrides SerializedCachePersistorBaseLoadSerialized(String).)
Public methodSave
Save signature session to cache.
(Inherited from CachePersistorBase.)
Protected methodSaveInternal
Serialize and save signature session item to the external cache.
(Inherited from SerializedCachePersistorBase.)
Public methodSaveProgress
Save progress of signatures saving to file.
(Overrides CachePersistorBaseSaveProgress(String, Int32).)
Protected methodSaveSerialized
Save the serialized signature session to file.
(Overrides SerializedCachePersistorBaseSaveSerialized(String, DateTime, Byte).)
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